Header Kit (Stainless Steel)

Header Kit (Stainless Steel)
Part Number: RT36001
MSRP: $275

Product Details

  • Jeep Wrangler (YJ) (1991-1995) with 4.0L engine.
  • Jeep Wrangler (TJ) (1997-1999) with 4.0L engine.
  • Jeep Cherokee (XJ) (1991-1999) with 4.0L engine.
  • Jeep Comanche (MJ) (1991-1992) with 4.0L engine.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) (1993-1998) with 4.0L engine.


Kit includes stainless header, gasket, exhaust seal and studs.

Improve exhaust flow with RT Off-Road’s Stainless Steel Header Kit for 4.0L Jeep vehicles. This manifold starts with a pair of 1/2″ thick zinc-coated flanges that will provide a perfect seal to the cylinder head and downpipe. The primaries are manufactured of 1-1/2″ diameter polished, mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel tubing. They meet at a 6-to-1 polished 304 stainless steel collector which improves exhaust flow through the entire operating range of the engine. The primaries are fully welded to the flanges and collector, resulting in an extremely strong and leak-free header.

The outlet of the collector is made of polished, mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel; this time with a 2-1/4″ diameter, which will mate to the stock downpipe with no issues. These features result in increased horsepower, torque, throttle response, and fuel mileage along with years of worry-free operation. Installation is straight forward with no cutting, grinding, or welding needed.